Dietrition Pro - Weight Loss diets App Reviews

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Bit corny

Nothing in this that you cant read in a zillion websites! It doesnt aprovide any faciity to record data, personal progress etc


Waste of money

I wish I could put 0 stars

The most useless thing Ive ever payed money for. Offers a brief summary diets. Doesnt help you diet at all. Google is a much better option. Especially when there are free apps that actually help you diet.

Loose it

Awful. Something appears wrong with this app. It does not provide any way of recording data. It either is incomplete by error or a scam. I will ask Apple for the 99cents back.

Waste of Money!

This app is garbage. The diet plans cost an addition $9.99....without paying it you have access to nothing. The app has already crashed 3 times. Dont waste your money like I did. Whoever created this app, there is no "a" in metric; learn to spell.


Its got nothing.


This app is amazing. Not a day it went without letting me know to eat. This app is very helpful. Love it !!!

Weight loss

This program is awesome for losing weight!!!


But you have to pay 99 cent then 9.99 but it is worth it

Dont buy it

This app is terrible. It wont let me use the weight tracker until I share it on Facebook or Twitter which I dont use. I paid for this app, I shouldnt be forced to promote it it use what I paid for.

Diet plan pro

Paid to get the better version pro and opened it to find out I had to pay 9.99 for all the diets I would want to follow boooo

Over priced

Considering that you have to pay for most of the diet plans even after you purchase the app its not worth it. What a waste.


It is 9.99 and it gives you so many different options to diet. I love this app and it also gives me a complete grocery list.

Such a scam.

99cents for the pro version!!! Then you open the app and have to share on Facebook and twitter to gain access to the weight tracker [which doesnt even work AFTER you share it...] THEN have to pay 9.99$ to even use ANY of the diet plans?! What a joke. I want a refund.


Youll pay to find out that you have to pay ten time more to use the app. Please refund my money!

What a disappointment !!!

Was really disappointed. They bait you with .99 cent app and then charge you $10 for the diet plan and weight tracker. They also require you to share their product via Facebook and Twiiter. The app is more focused on harvesting your personal information than weight loss support. Not worth the money at all!!


Best diet plan so far. 4 lbs day 6


The weight tracker doesnt even work which was the only reason I paid for it. Useless and I want a refund.


Totally blows, get the much better Lose It (spelled with one o, not two)


Once you get the app you have to continue to by plans and diets. Dont waste the .99 cents to buy it. HORRIBLE

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